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I can’t thank you enough for the donations and support that has been coming in since my record was released.  We are hard at work booking shows, honing in the set, and making travel arrangements.  If you’d like to help, call your local radio stations and venues and ask for Coby Wier.  We’d love to grace your town with our brand of tunes and can guarantee a good time to be had by all!  If you would like to book the band, please scroll down to the contact section and give us shout.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Click on The Dallas Observer Link below and check out a great article on Coby and his new start!

Early Influences;

John Inmon, John Fannin, Leonard Arnold, Todd Potter, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Steve Wariner, Allman Brothers Band, Joe Satriani, Soulhat, Ian Moore, Monty Montgomery, Doyle Bramhall II, Black Crows, David Grissom.

EP Influences;

This EP was originally intended for just friends and family, but the dream has grown bigger and I am overwhelmed at the amount of support and encouragement I am receiving. One day I was sitting having my coffee and picking on the old guitar and realized all of a sudden that I was sitting on about 18 tunes. I made a remark on Facebook about this and immediately got a call from my friend Stormy Cooper. Stormy and his crew were unbelievable to work with, incredible people and musicians. We got all the music done and I all I needed to finish this EP was lyrics and vocals for two songs. I then called in a buddy of mine, Mike Mancy, to help me with the lyrics for the two songs. Im pretty sure Mike climbed into my head and relived the past few years of my life. Mike new exactly what I wanted to say and he knew exactly how to say it. I have been blessed in my journey thus far and I cant wait to see what the future has in store…

Tracks on EP;
1) I Won’t Break – A conversation with my father in heaven
2) On My Own – The start of my journey
3) What Willis Said – What Willis was Talking About
4) Birdyfrog – What my family called me as a child, protector spirit
5) Peace Love and Monkey Grease – I have said Peace Love and Monkey Grease for years now. I want to say its something I picked up from one of my dearest and oldest friends in the world Mr. Danny Rhames. And its just a fun tune…
6) Lay This Guitar Down – What can I say? Seemed appropriate. Great song written by two of my guitar heros, John Inmon and Leonard Arnold. My father recorded it and played it live for many years.
7) In Your Blue Eyes – inspired by and dedicated to my daughters.

Future Plans;

My goal for the future is to make Coby Wier a household name. I want live performances to become a must see. I want the music and the live performances to be inspiring, fun and memorable. I am a performer and I want to touch and interact with people. I want my music to make you move your ass and become lost in it. The Coby Wier Band is a family involved and friendly endeavor. This is a legacy that I am continuing for future Wiers. This is bigger than me and it is my turn to carry the torch.

Coby Wier
Born and Raised in Austin, Texas (1971)
Currently playing a Fender Tele through a PRS amp.


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